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New women's fund to also benefit non-politicians

KWH calls for funding of women vying for elective seats

About DTF

About Democracy Trust Fund

DTF is an initiative of Echo Network Africa (ENA). ENA hopes to accelerate the participation of women in leadership at all sectors of Society. DTF will provide mechanisms through which women seeking leadership positions will be prepared for effective and successful participation in democratic processes.

DTF programs will target women from all spheres including women with disabilities, women from minority communities, young women below 35 years as well as those above 35. The program targets women and girls who intend to run for elective offices in any sector including university and college student bodies, trade unions, Sports as well as national and County elective posts.

Through DTF, ENA hopes to utilize its vast experience spanning over thirty years of advocating for women’s financial inclusion as well as its vast huge network of more than one million women with whom the institution to build a formidable and credible program. To ensure sustainability and greater ownership, beneficiaries will be required to actively participate in building their own resource base through a guided savings plan in order to consolidate tangible monies for use during campaign periods. This participatory approach is what makes DTF unique to other programs of similar nature.

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Women President in Africa.

3 /47

Women elected Governors in Kenya’s 2017 General Election

24 /290

Women elected in single member Constituencies in Kenya’s 2017 General Election

75 /1450

Women elected as MCA‘s in in Kenya’s 2017 General Election


The Fund has been registered as a Trust and is managed by a Board of Trustees who are drawn from different professional capacities, reflecting the diversities of the country and who have a record of supporting women’s participation in national leadership as a human rights issue. The day to day running of the Fund will be done by a lean and professional Secretariat supported by external Consultants on need basis.