Kenya General
Elections 2022 In:


Catherine N. Wekesa

ASPIRING: Woman Rep’
Nairobi County
COUNTY: Nairobi

Catherine Nakhungu Wekesa is an aspiring candidate who is eyeing to become the Woman Representative in Nairobi County having registered with the UDA party. I was a previous MCA candidate in Komarock Ward during the 2017 election with the ANC party.

I attended Langata Schools and after graduating, I enrolled in the School of Finance and Business Management. I was thereafter employed in the Banking Industry where I worked for 22 years before venturing into entrepreneurship and my calling as a community leader, an emblem of hope to women and the youth.

I first got motivated to run for a political sit in 2017 where a lot of women had previously approached me for financial help and financial advice for their businesses, doing more research I concluded that the youth, women and the elderly were having a hard time running their businesses due to lack of information on how to receive community development funds, some lacked proper locations to run their businesses, some were hustled by our own government day in day out due to the business premises being invalid or lack of licenses to run their business. Health is an important pillar in any community but is out of reach for many mothers who are unable to access free health care services for their children due to a lack of information. All these issues and more touched and pushed me to voice out these challenges through my memorandum that I used to rally more than 3000 votes where I became the 3rd runner up the first and second positions being jubilee and ODM candidates who were both men, felt very proud that I could compete with them having all odds against me and still be able to rally a lot of people to my cause.

Me not being elected in 2017 did and has not deterred or changed how I feel about helping my community and bringing better conditions to people‚Äôs lives in one way or another, that is why my passion for women’s empowerment and the protection of children lead me to undertake community and social development courses which have really helped in my next stage in life as a philanthropist, where I have worked for various NGOs.One of my successes is being able to mobilize youth groups and women in Bungoma into banking jointly for a common cause in regards to their business similarities.

I currently work with Lifeguard Kenya where we focus on rescuing abused children & women, while also counselling and sensitizing the community on preventive measures along the lines of gender-based violence and child abuse.

My political agenda

I will advocate for equal opportunities for women, sponsor motions & resolutions to counter any disadvantaged women and girls go through because of past discrimination.

I will also work to see these policies improved thus bridging the gap of gender inequality and see to the implementation of projects that would benefit women and girls where enough money is set aside for them that would even sustain them during pandemics for it is women and children who have been really hurt by the most recent pandemic.