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Elections 2022 In:


Dorcas Jeruto

Marakwet East Constituency
COUNTY: Elgeyo Marakwet

Dorcas Jeruto a.k.a Tererwo aspires to be the next Member of Parliament for Marakwet East Constituency, Elgeyo Marakwet County in the coming elections.

She holds a degree in Business Economics from Atlantic International University, Honolulu, Hawaii, US. She has studied the Dutch language at the Zadkine college (ROC) in the Netherlands and speaks several foreign languages including Dutch, German, and French. She also speaks English, Kiswahili, and Kalenjin dialects.

She is the Chairperson of a non-profit organization that helps refugees and the homeless in the Netherlands. The Foundation also does social projects in Marakwet East Constituency. She also doubles up as the CEO of a private company that organizes seminars in Doing Business with Kenya and brings investors from Europe to Kenya.

My political agenda

In recognition of the numerous challenges that her constituents have encountered over the years, her office and in collaboration with other stakeholders will carry out the following: –

Agricultural Sector

  • Revitalize the existing cooperative societies by providing funding, enabling the managers to undergo rigorous managerial training skills and formation of new ones where none existed.
  • Introduce modern farming techniques in all parts of the constituency to enable farmers to compete effectively in the modern markets.

Infrastructure and ICT

  • Open ICT resource centers in every ward of the constituency to increase access to information and technology.
  • Train the youth to do business in the information and technology sector and the use and access of the Internet for all at the Constituency.

Economics and Commerce

  • Introduce a Bus company that will operate within the constituency at a subsidized fare price to ease the movement of goods and services in and out of the constituency.
  • Introduce solar Energy in both big and small centers of the constituency to enable residents to conduct their business 24/7

Education and Training

  • Introduce an educational trust fund to support the needy orphans and vulnerable children in the constituency.
  • Introduce youth training programs in all the wards to empower them in self-reliance in doing business and starting their own company.

Justice, Law, and Order

  • Improve the general security within the entire constituency by putting the boundary security sensors.
  • Reaching out to the Pokot on both sides to restore peace through cultural exchange programs.

Health Care

  • Equip all the hospitals and dispensaries in the Constituency with modern operation theatre and equipment and provide enough stock of medicine
  • Achieve free, quality health care for all at the point of service by 2025 with a National Health Insurance.