Kenya General
Elections 2022 In:


Hon. Nancy Grace Muthami

Ngando Ward
COUNTY: Nairobi

Hon. Nancy Grace Muthami is currently nominated by Jubilee Party as an MCA in Nairobi County. She is a graduate of Damerin campus, Johannesburg, South Africa. Jubilee Party found it fit to nominate her due to her involvement in both grassroot and national party campaigns in the 2017 General Election. She hails from Ngando ward, where she still resides with her family. Nancy is illustriously engaged in the local politics of her ward, despite her not being the elected official.

The well-being of Ngando people is an issue central to her heart, since the locals are a daily and apt reminder of who she was growing up. She deeply understands the issues women and families on the ground face on a day to day basis. She is uniquely placed to champion the policies and practices that, if implemented, would not only ensure daily life in Ngando Ward improves immeasurably, but that also the long-term picture of the young generation and children is bright. Nancy has been involved in the youth development agenda. She currently serves as a board member of the NYSA football team. She has initiated several projects within the ward, with Wambiri Road rehabilitation being the latest.

Despite her limited resources, her participation notably as a nominated member at the Nairobi County Assembly has been stellar. She has really canvassed and lobbied to pursue issues at the assembly regarding Ngando Ward with great success. She has demonstrated the ability to work with other nominated as well as elected officials of the city, and across the political aisle, to achieve the greater good of the community she deeply loves.

Her vision is to empower the people of Ngando Ward, and Nairobi County, in whichever area they may be in need. She desires to offer her voice to all the residents of her Ward, both in the House and at all other fora. At the community level, she has largely been involved in community affairs, including paying school fees for needy students and connecting them with donors. She also participates in community fundraisers for both local women and youth groups. Nancy understands that Youth and Women in our society live in poverty due to a lack of opportunities. She has lived it. She purposes to mobilize both women and the youth to join up in groups and as teams and lobby for them with organisations, for the much-needed helping hand they need.

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