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Cynthia Akinyi Onyango

Sidindi Ward

I am a qualitative researcher and highly motivated with a passion for educating and empowering men and women to fulfill their potential in human development issues. I have been involved in several studies as a researcher, designing research strategies to fulfill the needs of specific research projects. Implementing research plans to find and collect data. This includes proposal writing, research design, questionnaire development, sampling, etc. Writing research reports highlighting and summarizing essential information found through data analysis.

I have worked in the State Department of Gender affairs supporting mainstreaming of gender into programming and operations, including systematic age and gender analysis, monitoring and evaluation, reporting, strategy, and policy advice on specific gender/protection issues for the department’s programs. I monitored, organized, and coordinated with other line ministries the drafting and delivery of gender-sensitive policies and budgets.

I was engaged as a lecturer at Masinde Muliro University, teaching social work students gender analysis in health and natural resource management.

My political agenda

My political agenda is to be a servant leader of the people and adequately and effectively represent the people of Sidindi ward

  • I will improve in the organization of public participation by establishing village barazas, where we can have meaningful community participation and the members can be able to clearly elucidate their needs, both short and long term. This will make it easy for prioritization of projects hence equitable resource distribution. With my research background, I believe that each project implemented in the Ward should be evidence-based and will therefore endeavor to always keep in touch with the populace. Systems will also be in place for monitoring and evaluation and impact assessment.
  • Promote policies and legislation of laws that protect the vulnerable populations, increase food productivity and financial growth.
  • Protect the integrity of the assembly by upholding justice and fairness, and shunning corruption.
  • Promote gender-sensitive budgeting to protect the position and condition of women within the society.

2) Food Security

  • Promote the establishment of farmer support groups.
  • Improve access to agricultural extension officers
  • Promote alternative crops e.g., sweet potatoes, cassava, local/traditional vegetables (Horticulture), bananas, etc.
  • Promote poultry, pigs, beekeeping, and cattle production, and establish cottage industries for value addition of products.
  • Network and create partnerships with organizations that promote farming activities/programs both locally and internationally e.g., KCSAP, KALRO, KAPP, GIZ, ASDSP, etc. to improve quality and quantity of production.
  • Prioritize provision of subsidized farm inputs i.e., seeds, fertilizer, tractor for ploughing ensuring that supplies are timely managed during both long and short rains.
  • Promote commercial farming and market linkages.  Encourage farmers to sell excess produce to increase the household income. Proceeds from the sales to be used by the Household to finance education, health financing schemes, and savings.
  • To help mitigate the effects of climate change in the ward, promote tree planting by networking with Kenya forestry services and others to establish village tree nurseries. promote conservation of indigenous trees.

3) Health

  • Identify, Network, and create partnerships with Non-state actors that can organize intermittent medical camps, and have proper follow-up structures in place.
  • Sensitize the community on how to use Savings in the Saccos to support their medical needs through payment of health financing scheme NHIF
  • Improve the status and or construct public toilets where none exists in major market centers within the ward.
  • Work closely with the executive arm of the government and lobby for the provision of adequate medical health staff and medical supplies.

4) Economic empowerment

  • Spearhead the establishment of community Saccos. Encourage members of the community to adopt a saving habit by use of proceeds from their farms and other agricultural activities. Conduct financial literacy workshops. Encourage contractors for all ward projects to employ community members during project implementation.
  • Improve the status of market centers, liaise with the community members to create market centers where necessary.
  • Provide market linkages outside the ward to improve income.

5) Water

  • Spearhead the improvement of already drilled boreholes; Simerro in Ran’gala sub-location, Simenya borehole, Sidindi primary school, Sikalame chief camp, and Wang’otong.
  • Develop a working relationship with Sibo and push for the re-activation of Sidindi Malanga Water project to provide an alternative to borehole supply.
  • Identify areas that are not within the proximity of already drilled boreholes and drill new ones.
  • Sensitize the community to adopt rainwater conservation by the construction of water dams to collect splash water.

6) Education

  • Work with the community to prioritize the equipping of all existing ECD centres.
  • Prioritize construction if additional ECDs centers where necessary, for every village if possible.
  • Identify partners who can support the ECD feeding program. Work with the school management teams to help in the establishment of kitchen gardens in schools.
  • Ensure members elected in the ward bursary committee are people of high integrity and competence. Members who will ensure the most deserving cases are successful in the bursary application.

7) Pre-Youth

  • Establish/ strengthen sporting clubs within the ward
  • Spearhead the establishment of youth-friendly resource centers with computers, libraries, WiFi, and indoor games e.g. Chess, Scrabble, etc.
  • Create partnerships with organizations that can help establish mentorship programs and holiday boot camps.