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Elections 2022 In:


Dr. Fridah Karani

Embu County

I describe myself as a charismatic reformist.

I hail from Mbeti North Ward, Manyatta Constituency in Embu County and I’m currently a scholar & University Administrator at the University of Embu.

I am a Sociologist/Social Worker by profession and trained in Strategic Management & Leadership up to Ph.D. Level. I have over 10 years of service with International and Regional NGOs, National micro-finance, Regional Faith-Based NGO, Polytechnics and private & public University teaching and administration, fieldwork, research, post-secondary teaching, and senior management majoring in the solution of social, economic, environmental and political problems nationally and internationally. I founded the startup of micro-finance in Mwea and a rural finance program for Eastern Province under CCSMKE.

In 2022 I will be presenting my candidature for election as Senator for Embu County. I am a fearless, assertive, and objective leader who stands for the common good for all persons. I am the first and currently the only woman and scholar offering my leadership for the position in Embu since the ardent of Devolution in 2010. Embu has been largely a patriarchal community but is gradually warming up to and popularizing women’s participation in political and electoral processes. I am a registered member of Kenya Institute of Management, Nature Kenya, Institute of Economic Affairs, Institute of Directors. I am a highly ethical individual and I have been nominated for various competitive awards the National Values Champion in 2017, the State University of New York & USAID Inter-Parliamentary Union Programme and I have served as Chairman and Secretary of National Values and Cohesion among others. Diligence and dedication has seen me rise in ranks in the various institutions I have worked in to be in top-middle level management in a public University. I have been trained in senior management, peace and reconciliation and as a certified lead auditor.

Social profile

My robust community service profile entails secondary school mentorships (over 100 high schools in Mt. Kenya region), affordable climate-smart health gerontological housing (16 households), youth and women empowerment activist, renovation of public school sanitary facilities to promote girls’ reproductive health and wellbeing, human rights advocate (11 media houses, over 90 programs, over 250 hours of airtime), SDGs champion (MoUs with CSAYN, ClimatePal, Kenya Climate Change Working Group, PACJA). I have featured in various distinguished TV and radio programs, community events and book launches as a guest speaker and chief guest in many more. I am the founder, director, and active member of a number of development initiatives aimed at alleviating the suffering of vulnerable and marginalized groups in society such as orphaned children, sickly aged persons, and vulnerable women & youth. I founded the Sustainable Climate Action Conference (SCAAC) to enhance the mitigation and adaptation against climate change with a focus on health, agriculture, gender, children and youth. I have great aspirations and passion for the docket of social, economic, and political development, especially in the matters of health, inclusion, and social impact.

Political and Governance profile

As a young undergraduate Frida, I was nominated as a beneficiary of the Inter-Parliamentary Service Programme sponsored by USAID and the State University of New York. I have served in various management and leadership positions, founded a number of organizations and initiatives to promote uptake of leadership positions among the youth and women. Currently, I serve as the Chairman of the Board of Trustees for a youth Organization in Embu, Director of a Non-Governmental Initiative (SITMAP), and Co-Founder of the Transformative women in Leadership Network (TWILN). As a member of various professional bodies, I ardently advocate of good, progressive and accountable governance. I am a Scout Leader (Embu County), member of Democratic Trust Fund, Member of Echo Network Africa, Member of Forum for Young Aspirants, Patron of Athletics Kenya (Embu), Patron of a number of women groups in Embu and a founding member of UASU, Embu Chapter. I have trained 19 groups of upcoming students leaders from different institutions and their roles in administration and governance. I have also presided over peaceful students’ elections for 3 years running.

Philosophy & ideology / Motivation for vying

I pride myself on being an empathetic charismatic reformist. I have knowledge, skills and abilities to network, influence action, debate and deliver alongside adult training, eloquence & public speaking, risk management and creativity skills. I believe in the holistic development of communities, integrity, reliability, and swiftness if we are to achieve the reforms w desire in our generation. In my county, I have a following of women with whom we initiate and implement viable community projects on social advocacy and inclusion. In my community, women are shy about seeking leadership despite exposure and education. As a woman aspirant, I wish to garner the influence and affluence to be a change-maker in my society through accountable and seamless leadership and benchmarking with leading women globally. I believe I present a very good model from whom women can learn and press upon themselves to take up the leadership challenge from where society can acknowledge the potential women. I am willing to share with my fellow women my experience so that they can learn from me. Kenya has been very forthright and vibrant in establishing affirmative regulations to encourage women to join governance and leadership, but uptake of leadership and governance by women is still very low. Given a chance, I will utilize my training to promote good governance, fulfill and exceed the expectations of the leadership. I thus appeal to your office to give me an opportunity to participate in the academy because women-united is a strong voice.

My political agenda

My political agenda is to champion socio-economic reforms towards reducing existing political and governance gaps in my County and Country by:

Effectively discharging my constitutional mandate as enshrined in Chapter 8 Part 1 Article 96 of the Constitution of Kenya, 2010
Providing people-focused issue-based leadership that advocates & lobbies for efficient inclusion and popular participation of citizens in decision & democratic processes.
Mainstreaming the inclusion of the electorate and especially the productive workforce, the marginalized & vulnerable persons in County operations.