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Elections 2022 In:


Lynette Olima

Bondo Constituency

I am gearing up to be a Member of Parliament for Bondo Constituency, Siaya County, and ready to transform the constituency to the next level.

Currently, I am a Manager at Postal Corporation of Kenya (PCK) having previously served as a Registrar in the mainstream Government and a teacher in Tom Mboya high School.

I am also the Chairperson of Geno Community Group, a Board member of Uyawi Secondary School in Bondo Constituency, and a member of other different community-based organizations namely, Faith, Smart Sisters & Nyimine.

I am currently pursuing a PhD in Business (Entrepreneurship) at the University of Nairobi.

At Posta Kenya, I have been in charge of a number of products including Stamp production, and in recognition of this, Universal Postal Union nominated me as part of the world team responsible for combating illegal postage stamps. I have represented Posta in different meetings in Tanzania, Uganda, Tunisia, S. Africa, Italy, Switzerland as well as USA & also represented the Geno group in a meeting with its partners in Germany.   The United Kingdom, the United States of America (USA), and Qatar are also some of the countries I have visited to negotiate with my friends and acquaintances to support humanitarian projects in Bondo constituency.

At the community level, in coordination and partnership with friends, we have donated different items to address community needs. Some of the contributions have included over 60 water tanks of different sizes to learning institutions, churches, market centers, hospitals, administrative offices, and to widows; sanitary pads to schools, mosquito nets to pregnant mothers, and those with small children.  Similarly, school library books have also been part of my contribution. We have also been involved in the training of widows and students on HIV and Aids. This has seen us train 17 schools in Bondo constituency. We have also built houses as well as ecosan toilets for some widows and paid fees for needy children at some point.

Through our Geno group, Nyangoma Secondary school in Bondo is currently having a modern kitchen and a computer lab built by an international organization we sourced for. With different groups, we are involved in table banking, leasing out motorbikes as well as chairs and tents to uplift the economic status of our local people. We also assist members in farming activities and contribute finances to help group members give decent burials to their nuclear families and parents.

My political agenda

My political agenda is mainly to carry out the role of representation by coordinating with different institutions to provide my constituents with constant clean water, upgrade the current roads and introduce new road networks, improve the fishing sector and the well-being of fishermen, promote Youth economic empowerment programs, improve agriculture, promote women economic empowerment programs & Electrification of the constituency.

My other areas of interest will be to: –

  • Support development of Small & Medium Enterprises, lobby for the improvement of the education infrastructure & support needy students including orphans to access education through CDF;
  • Promote registration of those living with disability and the aged to access the relevant benefits;
  • Lobby for the improvement of the existing health facilities and services as well as the introduction of new ones;
  • Lobby with different Government Departments and other institutions both locally and internationally to set up industries in Bondo constituency.
  • Voice the interest of the constituency in parliament, carry out oversight roles and legislation duties.