Kenya General
Elections 2022 In:


Prof. Elizabeth Pantoren

Laisamis Constituency
COUNTY: Marsabit

Elizabeth Pantoren (Ph.D.) is from the Rendille indigenous minority ethnic group predominantly found in Laisamis constituency, Marsabit county. She is married with 3 children, two boys, and one girl.  Academically, she holds a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Sociology from Kenyatta University (2010-2016), a Master of Arts (MA) in Community and Social Development (2006-2009), and a Bachelor of Arts in Social Work (2004-2009) from University of Nairobi respectively.

She has gained work experience over 25 years at the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) where she started as a Community Development and Human-Wildlife Conflict Resolution Coordinator and later became the Assistant Director/ Head of the Community Enterprise Development Department (1993-2016). She was also appointed to the National climate change Advisory Committee of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources in June 2009 and served for 3 years providing technical advice to the Principal Secretary for Environment. She is currently serving as the National Chairperson of the Party of National Unity (PNU) Women League.

Major Achievements

She has made tremendous strides in leading and showing the way to her fellow community by becoming the 1st Rendille to earn a Ph.D.  She is also the 1st indigenous and Minority lady to serve as a Chair of Nyayo Tea Zones state corporation.

As a Social -Environmental justice champion, she has served as the Chair and the founder of Wings of Pastoralists (WEP) now Nature and People Organisation (NAPO) which is championing the rights of youth and women in development. Continue advocating for the indigenous people’s land and customary rights, gender equality and equity, and equal development opportunities for all Kenyans.

She is vying for the MP seat for Laisamis Constituency in Marsabit County on a PNU ticket.

My political agenda

Top of her Political Agenda is Sustainable Development, Youth and Women Empowerment, and Social Protection for the Laisamis Constituents.